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Tavistock beekeepers training 2019

Hello Beekeepers! The Tavistock Beekeepers Training starts on the 26th Feb 2019, please pass this on! – WebBee  

Committee Posts

Hello Beekeepers! We are still operating without a secretary after the AGM in November, and this will affect how we offer you the members activities and other things such as membership. We NEED a secretary who can assist the other members of the committee with the running of your Beekeeping branch, without a secretary the …

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Christmas Greetings

Hello Beekeepers! We warmly wish you and your bees a Happy Christmas, and hope you have a good winter with your bees Don’t forget to Feed them and treat for Varroa, as the mild weather will be allowing the mites to survive with your bees. Best Wishes Tavistock Beekeepers Committee