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About Beekeeping

How do you become a beekeeper?

Beekeeping is often something people “Stumble into”, as its an absorbing hobby that connects directly with the natural order of “Things”. There are qualifications in beekeeping but mostly it is out of sheer curiosity and respect that beekeepers become enthralled as to why honeybees can do what they do.

Bees are intimately tied up in our environment and are dependant upon it to survive; as a beekeeper you can see directly how the weather and food availability directly affect the colony health throughout the year; and see the monumental amount of work each bee does selflessly for the colony.

Being a “Beekeeper” is a responsibility, as you have to help them survive and thrive, without killing them in the process by doing something wrong; as indeed there are many things that can go wrong in beekeeping!

To become a beekeeper the easiest way is to join you local branch and get a “Bee-Buddy”, someone to show you the ropes and answer your questions. Also you need to enrol in one of the branch led training courses that will give you an understanding of the bee lifecycle.

You can contact you local branch through the BBKA Branch finder HERE