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Bee Friendly Flowers


Bee-friendly flowers

Here are some suggestions you might like to grow for your bees.

We are looking for a green fingered beekeeper to write a few words on bee friendly flowers if you would like to contribute please get in touch via the contact page. WebBee

Here are a few interesting websites you might consider visiting for bee planting advice or supplies. – WebBee

Bees visit flowers to collect nectar and pollen, which they use as food for themselves and the larvae in their hives or nests. By moving from flower to flower, they are vital pollinators of many garden and wild flowers. Insect pollination is essential for the cropping of most fruits and some vegetables. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has an interesting page with hints about bee friendly plants and how to set up a bee friendly garden here.

An updated RHS “Perfect for Pollinators – Garden plants” document is available for download HERE


Having been a passionate plantswoman and gardener all my life, in 2010 we became beekeepers. Naturally, we did a bit of reading about bees; you are probably already aware that bees have been dying out and that they are essential to pollination of many essential crops, so their health is quite important stuff. Well, the horticulturalist in me wanted to know what plants to grow to help the bees.  I found lists but not much guidance or many suppliers. So, we have decided to set up our own supply as well as a site for trialling which plants bees seem to like best.

You might like to read Rosi Rollings interesting report on which of her plants attract the most bees, it is full of interesting facts and well worth a read HERE


Gardens are extremely important for bees, and vice versa. Bees need flowers for sustenance, and flowers need bees for pollination. But it’s important the flowers you grow provide the food bees need.

Great flowers start with pollination, and for that you need bees. Find out how to get the busiest garden insects to work for you, in our feature.