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Other Insect Websites

Other Insect Websites

Honeybees have a very intricate relationship with many insects, from flies and wasps to beetles and butterflies, here are some links to other websites that can help identify Bees, wasps and other things that are usually found in close proximity to Bee colonies. Hopefully it will help you quickly identify that thing with wings you have just seen buzzing around the garden!

Identify the Bumblebees in your garden

A superb resource of all things that bite and sting…

Is it an Asian hornet?!

Asian Hornet Identification (Vespa velutina)

Please see other section on this website for more information HERE

Identify the common hornet

Common Hornet Identification (Vespa crabro)

Identify Mining Bees of all types and other creepy crawlies munching their way through the garden…..

Not as interesting as bees, but still very pretty, identify British butterflies.

British Butterflies

Like butterflies but mostly fly in the dark, identify British moths.

British moths

Identify those suspicious bugs hanging around the hive, the British Bugs website.

Here is probably the best photographic resource for identifying any insect in your garden, hedgerows and fields. Steven Falk has compiled 1000’s of high quality images subdivided and categorised, some Wonderful images of wild bees, definitely worth a look!

Steven Falks Images of insects

Identify the slugs that live around your hive and do unspeakable things to your vegetables, Slugwatch.

Spiders hanging about? Find out what it is at the British Arachnological Society (BAS)