Winter Feed Check

Hello Beekeepers!

Its time to check the winter feed status of your bees!

Your bees may be wide awake now and buzzing in the sunshine, this also means they will be eating through their stores of sugar. Please check on a warm sunny day and test your store levels by hefting the hive (to check its heavy). Top up the liquid feeder and prepare to switch to fondant when the temperatures plummet.

Be aware that any spilled feed will attract hungry wasps that are still out and about at present.

Ensure your mite treatments have stopped and that although bloodless the colonies are still healthy and have a queen if you can find her!

We have been donated some un-sellable sugar by Tavistock Tesco’s (Thank you Tesco’s!) and this will be handed out at branch meetings throughout the winter, so please bring a bag or two when we have some to share for your bees. – WebBee